the two important people behind two important things

the two important people behind two important things

The concept of Two Important Things came about from trying to determine the concept of, well, me. This me is named Daniel.

Like most people (I hope), I got to the point where I wanted to change something about myself. What I had been doing and who I had been wasn't working anymore. Maybe it never really did. But, why then, did it manifest in me in the first place if it didn't work?

These are the kinds of questions I started asking myself and I found that it wasn't the answers that were important (although they are nice and look good in my trophy case), but rather, it was the questions. Asking the right question and more importantly, being open to being asked the right question is what resonated with me. Even the tough questions were welcomed eventually because the process of understanding why I was the way I WAS is important to me. And... who am I going to be NOW?

From all those questions came a sense of peace. Really understanding myself was therapeutic. It was healing. And I didn't spend thousands of dollars on a couch. Nothing against therpay. Many need it because of how wrapped up they are in their identity. Not knocking it.

So, how then, can I share this sense of peace with others? Could this sense of peace trickle down into other's souls - into their deepest recesses and help them find similar peace. Whoa...can I help create world peace from this process?

Well, why not take steps to make the world a better place?

I determined that the best way to do so would be to plant little seeds of inquiry within the minds of others. Have them look. Have them get that they are part of something bigger than themselves and what they have to say about it is as relevant and integral as anyone else's on this green Earth. If I can shift people's perspective from the selfish individual (the ego) to their fellow travelers then perhaps the world wouldn't be so scary in the morning.

The world seems safer when there are fewer strangers in it. Getting to know what is important to another human being takes them out of the category "stranger" and puts them in the category "fellow traveler".

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and my first step was taken years ago.

Two Important Things is the story of my journey and yours.

My parents named me Amanda, and I am an artist, I am fluent in imagination and empathy, which often go hand in hand. I like to see myself as a creative force that radiates from a core of light.

I have walked through fire and faced many mountains to climb, but my curiosity and love for life has never been extinguished. It has flickered a bit here and there, but there are moments when it is a roaring, vibrant inferno. Regardless of “flame height”, my mission is to help illuminate the darkness for others finding their way on this journey.

I am a child of the forest, and am happiest when I am in the company of trees, birds, and animals, though the ocean is also sacred to me. I am an avid defender of those without a voice, focusing the majority of my life’s work on wildlife conservation and environmental advocacy. I seize any chance I get to form a bond with creatures great and small- there is nothing quite like the oxytocin released when looking deeply into the eyes of another species and finding a connection.

When I must be indoors, I thrive on drawing lines and splashing colors in ways that solve problems for my line of work; even when I am not at the helm of my small business, I am still constantly creating. I love to paint pictures with my words, I love photography, costuming, sculpting, painting, wood burning, knitting, dancing, reading, and learning. A jack of all trades, master of *some*- there are far too many things I love to do to ever truly master *all*. There is always room for improvement, therefore one can never truly “master” anything- if it brings you joy, mastery be damned. Do something because you love to do it.

If I could send en masse one message for my fellow humans, it would be the following- live your life bold, brave, and with love. Do not let fear take the reins and sway your decisions- it is insidious and will steal your happiness. Do not be afraid to love for fear of loss, do not be afraid to be yourself for fear of rejection. We are the authors of our own stories, but we only get a finite number of pages- choose how you spend your time wisely. Attempting complete control over your life will not bring you the peace that comes with releasing your white-knuckle grip and allowing the current to carry you. Work towards your goals, by all means, but expect unforeseen hurdles and unexpected detours.

Most importantly, remember to take time and enjoy the journey, whatever chapter you are in- and above all else prioritize and proceed with love.